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Raymond Yackell

Raymond Yackell – Author

Raymond Yackell and his wife Sue founded Flowing Rivers Ministries in 2005 in Houston, Texas. They have a passion for setting captives free and stirring up revival fires in the body of Christ. Their anointing extends into healing and the prophetic, which breaks the yokes of bondage on God’s people (Ezekiel 47:7-9 and Luke 4:18). God has given them an anointing to stir up the Godly identity in people and to encourage them to walk into the destiny to which they have been called, to take their rightful place as sons and daughters of the Most High God. In 2017, the Lord spoke to them to begin their itinerant ministry. www.flowingrivers4u.org

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Chickens Are Landbound

Published on: July 16, 2021

Chickens Are Landbound was hatched after a powerful encounter Raymond Yackell experienced while attending a local minister’s meeting. After 45-minutes of soaking in God’s weighty presence, he was called to the front of the sanctuary by the speaker to share what God had placed into his heart. After arriving at the front, Raymond heard God’s audible voice say, “Chickens are landbound.”

This powerful encounter set Raymond on a journey of self-discovery and revelation.

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