Woman-Owned Business

Olivia Truong

As Co-President & Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Olivia oversees every aspect of God Manifest Publishing, from sales and marketing to editing and design.

Olivia has always had a love for reading, writing, and grammar. She is the eldest daughter of a school teacher who holds a Master’s Degree in both Education and English. Growing up, Olivia excelled in scholastics and graduated second in her high school class in 1997. Upon graduation, Olivia received many scholarships and attended the University of North Carolina Greensboro. She worked many diverse jobs, which further developed her knack for grammar and proofreading. As she honed her literature skills, Olivia met Jonnathan in 2010 and assisted him in many of his writing projects.

In 2019, Jonnathan authored Buddhists, Mormons & Jesus, his autobiography. Olivia provided copy editing and proofreading services to Jonnathan, as well as other marketing services. Upon reviewing offers from other publishers, Olivia and Jonnathan made the decision to launch God Manifest Publishing to provide new and lesser-known authors with the skills and services of larger more prominent publishers.