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God Manifest Publishing was birthed to discover and market new and lesser-known, Christian-based authors, like you. We offer big publisher services at a fraction of their cost and a fraction of the author’s royalties.

Did you know that many “big publishers” take 20-40% of their authors’ royalties? Ridiculous, right? Where other publishers look to overcharge you for services on the front end and take obscene percentages of royalties on the back end, God Manifest Publishing charges you up to 50 percent less than the other publishers charge on the front end and only take 50 cents per book sold on the back end. This allows you to spend less and earn more for your hard work and creativity.

Whether you’re seeking a professional publisher to provide the full spectrum of publishing services (copy editing, proofreading, design, and distribution), or you’re a self-publisher seeking a publishing partner to provide you with one or more of our many services behind the scene, we’re ready to help your book come alive.

If you choose to partner with God Manifest Publishing, your book will be distributed through Ingram, our distribution partner, to over 35,000 online retailers and over 100 ebook retailers, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kindle, Nook, Google Books, and Apple Books.

Getting published shouldn’t cost you your entire life savings.

Did you know that new or little-known authors are sometimes required to commit to selling and/or purchasing up to 5,000 books their first year? The author can easily accrue upwards of $15,000-$40,000 in financial commitment and that is before paying for advertising and paying the publisher a large commission ranging from 20-40% of all sales.

Getting published shouldn’t be frustrating.

At God Manifest Publishing, we know that your book is your baby and we aim to make birthing it as painless as possible. Our team of publishing professionals is ready to guide you through the process and provide you with as much or as little hand-holding as possible. Simply put, once you sign with God Manifest Publishing, we work for you and aim to meet or exceed your service expectations.

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