Woman-Owned Business


Our Story

When Olivia Truong, Co-President & CEO of God Manifest Publishing completed the editing of her husband’s book, she was overwhelmed by the number of publishing options she found and especially the large financial commitment required by most large publishers for new authors, like her husband. Upon successfully publishing and marketing her husband’s book, Olivia decided to launch God Manifest Publishing to provide new Christian authors with all the services larger publishers provided at a fraction of the commitment and cost. For example, did you know that unpublished, unknown authors are sometimes required to commit to selling and/or purchasing up to 5,000 books within the first year? The author can easily accrue upwards of $15,000-$40,000 in financial commitment and that is before paying for advertising and paying the publisher a large commission ranging from 20-40% of all sales.

Benefits with God Manifest Publishing

  • Author retains full rights to their work
  • Professional copy editing
  • Award-winning designers and illustrators
  • International book distribution both digital and physical formats
  • Customized press release campaigns
  • Outstanding royalty structure